not a fan, but …

June 19, 2009

I’m not usually a “fan” of anything. There’s tons of stuff I love to watch and talent I appreciate, but I never fancy myself a “fan”. However, I may very well be a fan of director Randy Krallman. Well, wait … I am a fan of his WORK. I mean for all I know the guy could be a total jerk or a perfect saint. I dunno, but I do know his work ROCKS!

So I’m a fan of Krallman’s talent! What can I say? Wait! Does this mean I have to get a tattoo of him … no, no … of his talent? Hmmmm … I wonder what his talent looks like and if it will fit on a bicep?

I really love this stuff –>  Force 1 TDWin Nick’s Life, Zack16  & Gas Station


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