The End (game)

September 24, 2009

I just got back from L.A. and I was extremely happy to meet super producer chick Suzanne Lyons and the quite wonderful Brad Wyman. I didn’t meet them in the same place though. I’m looking for it, but I have yet to find the super-secret-movie-producer-hang-out-area where they all talk about funding, options and rubber band balls … but I do believe I am getting closer … and yes … I will find it!

Other notable things about the trip:

It was extremely motivating, I am now chock full of vitamin D and smog, I met all kinds of creatives (like Velvet, Ryan Angel and Josee Goudreault) I excel at skimming ash off of the pool, the Rose Bowl is cool and the 8 clap is dumb, Mechaniks rocks and I cant wait to work with them, there’s a GAP in Beverly Hills that looks just like the one in Marlton, NJ and you should follow @reubal on Twitter.

Oh yeah and I can’t stress this enough … FIND THE END GAME!

(That is more of a note-to-self than a blog entry with any kind of meaning)


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