October 26, 2009


Stephanie Banx has been recognized (with a black t shirt) as one of THE MOST influential people in social media (she has 12 Facebook friends). This award comes from the distinguished media outlet Funny or Die (distinguished = inane). Below is an excerpt from her acceptance speech (which she gave in front of her mirror). For those of you who were not there (no one was there) it was quite an emotional evening (it was noon).

“Thank you Funny or Die. I never thought I would actually win an Oscar type t shirt … ever! I would like to thank my laptop and all of the keys on my laptop … especially the S! My backup laptop, in case my first laptop went down and I had to post “I need toilet paper”. And … and … (music begins to play) and … and my power cord … and my new mouse … and … COMPUSA … and  … “


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