September 23, 2010

Between “real gigs” I shoot a lot of viral videos. I write them, produce them, shoot them and edit them.

Some production companies look down at lower budget adventures such as these, but I don’t!

This type of work is more challenging, more creative and at times more satisfying than shooting with a large budget. (Not that I’m against super large budgets with makeup trailers, dog trainers and car chases), but it’s hard to make something brilliant out of nothing more than talent, creativity, ambition and the promise of pizza and train tickets.

The ability to create “work” when I’m not “working” is something I revere.

And simply put … shooting these spots keeps me sharp, keeps me inspired and keeps me learning. And if it was 1972 I would poke my head out of the 18 wheeler drivers side window and yell “Keep on … Keepin on!” as my NKOTB mesh hat blew off in the 55 MPH breeze.


One Response to “vireal”

  1. Kelly said


    Feel free to use me any time. Love working with you!


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