January 27, 2013

I don’t usually write long blog entries. Brevity is awesome to me. But this is worth some extra font.

So, I have a handful of meetings with various production companies each year. These meetings are usually to discuss ongoing projects, joining their roster or simply to shake hands and drink “iced tea”. My most recent meeting was with an amazing guy from a wonderful prod co. During our time together he talked about his process of selecting directors, what “filters” he views reels with and so on. He waxed on about why it sucks, but is necessary to put commercial directors into very specific “slots”. His spiel was impressive because he is an impressive guy, but he didn’t tell me anything I wasn’t already aware of.

At the end of this meet n greet he says, “ I ask a lot of directors to write me a paragraph about philosophy and how they view their work, where they are going and what “slot” they feel their work fits in.” My knee jerk reaction was, “Screw that, I’m not doing homework”, but then I thought … why wouldn’t I want to do that?

It’s important to have a succinct stylistic P-O-V and know how to express it. I already do, so why not?

Below is an edited version of what I sent him.

“Uncovering the absurdities of everyday people” is a tag-line/catchphrase I use to describe my body of work as a whole. Quirky & clever is what I do.

My work, as it stands today, is not to be seen with your polished-prime-time-lens. I’m not competing with the likes of Bond, Ariola or Pytka. Then again I don’t look at creativity as a “competition” to begin with. … Creating branded/web/viral content is exciting to me. The limitless creative possibilities (and interactivity) are awesome . …  I strongly believe the basis of any good piece is a solid story. Be it a :15 “goofy” video or a 90 minute torrid-romance-driven piece, a good story is a good story … end of story! … The viral reach has proven content that speaks to individuals is king and all the shiny 35mm overly art directed shots can’t beat it.

Filmmaking is  not a solo endeavor and talent never  makes it on their own. To be successful an artist needs someone to shine a light on their work. Because the bottom line is this … no one can see your work, unless they can see your work.

So, that was my paragraph. What’s yours?


One Response to “define”

  1. Kill said

    Very well written and with your unique youness (I made that up)! Loved it!


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