August 22, 2016


The UNIMAGINARY FRIENDCAST masterminds let me come over and chat about my documentary Just Ad Man & SKITTERED “Your tweet, made funny” as well as all kinds of other silly goodness. These people are dangerous! Listen at your own risk.


Click the pic to listen or click these words !



November 27, 2013

I was going to write something about “sharing” creativity … then things turned visual.



August 19, 2012

These ladies are simply amazing and now I NEVER leave home without them!

If you call me for a meet n greet you better have 4 bottles of water, not one.

Shooting an “intro” video is challenging & slightly frightening on many levels. My goal was to introduce myself, my style of comedy and my work.

In hindsight would I do anything differently?  Yup, but F*CK it … I wanted to try something … so I did. #clickthatbutton

If you’re really into clever, subtle humor dig into the interactive features. #preach!


June 27, 2012

Last winter I got SO lazy I HAD to give myself a 30-Day-Run-Challenge. So my NIKE’s, my puppy, my GOPRO and I “stepped up” to conquer the 30 days … and we did! I time lapsed each run for no other reason that it was fun to try and find a different place to position the cam each day.

I’m starting to put together a short film with the footage for no other reason than … it’s fun!

(GoPro shoe lace mount)

(spinnin, not runnin … a loophole in the 30 day challenge rule book)


September 29, 2011

Some fun stuff I picked up off of the cutting room floor.

Pepsi Reverse Beach Party – Extra Footage

Chevy Route 66 OUTTAKES  – “Behind the Bloops”

I just uploaded “FAKEBOOK” segment #5 onto the world wide web. You can check out the entire Stephanie Banx series on YOUTUBE or VIMEO or FUNNYorDIE … all the usual places. In case ya aren’t hip to “FAKEBOOK”  it’s a viral video homage to FACEBOOK lunacy!

Pigtails rock!

lightning strike!

June 3, 2009

HOLY SMOKES! Got the phone call of a lifetime! He checked out my website, loved my work, had his ass’t arrange a “meeting” and BAM the phone rings! He called me A ROCK STAR!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! (PS … he is a real life awesome LA producer dude – you would know him!)

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