September 25, 2016

I don’t “get” the whole attraction to doing 48 / 72 hour film fests.

So, I did one … I still don’t get it.


However, I am grateful to have worked with an entire gang of amazingly talented actors & the honor of bossing around DP Samantha Pyra (who will be busting out BIG in the coming years). Thank you “The Art of Oral” gang, basking in your talent was an honor.



February 8, 2016

doriots win

Doritos ran a cool “Crash the Second Screen” contest during SB50. Prize for best twit-vid, twit-pic & tweet won $50,000!!! Well, thank goodness I didn’t win the cash, I mean you can’t EAT cash … amiright?


December 14, 2011

Surprisingly enough there is some initial controversy with our silly video … YES!!!!!!


December 6, 2011

There are a lot of amazingly creative and insanely talented people in the world. The BIG question: What separates the “starving artist” from the “non-$tarving artist”?

Timing, luck, nepotism … all of the above?

No matter the circumstances an artist needs someone to shine a light on their work. Because the bottom line is this … no one can see your work, unless they can see your work.



October 31, 2011

Your tweet, made funny … sounds simple, huh. Well, the execution isn’t as simple as the slogan, but we’re having fun and most importantly “they” get it!


October 26, 2011

Lots of starting going on …

I launched a new YOUTUBE Channel called SKITTERED, I’m prepping a parody music video, I’m in the running to shoot an amazing HORROR film teaser and I’m writing a spot for Crash the Super Bowl.

I’m VERY “end game” oriented and always have felt that the result is THE important thing. I still think this, but I’m trying to understand what the hell this means –> “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey“.


October 1, 2011

Ideas are cool, but actually executing them is cooler! My latest and greatest actualized idea is truly my latest … and my greatest! But before we could get to shooting anything we had to set the stage. Literally.





September 29, 2011

Some fun stuff I picked up off of the cutting room floor.

Pepsi Reverse Beach Party – Extra Footage

Chevy Route 66 OUTTAKES  – “Behind the Bloops”


April 29, 2011

Our amazing TriBeCa Film Festival experience is now over. It was a wonderful whirlwind of amazing filmmakers, films and fun. Time to regroup and move ahead with the next great thing!


April 20, 2011

Recognition is about the coolest thing in the world … when you get it.

Artistic affirmation” is super hard to come by so when someone does shine a light on your work … enjoy it!

“Old on Purpose” will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival next week, and rest assured, we will be enjoying it!

Thank you Mofilm & Pepsi Films!

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