April 20, 2016

The more ya know … the more ya know.

Grateful to have attended a pretty kick ass event at TFI where talent came to talk.







May 1, 2011

YOUTUBE super star Lisa Nova was at the Tribeca film fest doing interviews with her Pepsi Films crew. I was lucky enough to get in on the interview action and hang with her for a bit. Needless to say this was one of the highlights of my entire Tribeca experience.

I’m an avid follower of the whole YOUTBE phenom and those who participate in it so hanging with a viral-vid “BIG GUN” rocked!

Talent and creativity should never be held back by financial & logistical constraints. Lisa and the rest of her gang at Maker Studios prove that point and it’s incredibly motivating to be around such a talented, funny chick that is a BIG part of the future of entertainment and how it is, and will be, consumed.

Plus she helped me with my hair and gave me a free Pepsi so … yeh!


April 29, 2011

Our amazing TriBeCa Film Festival experience is now over. It was a wonderful whirlwind of amazing filmmakers, films and fun. Time to regroup and move ahead with the next great thing!


April 20, 2011

Recognition is about the coolest thing in the world … when you get it.

Artistic affirmation” is super hard to come by so when someone does shine a light on your work … enjoy it!

“Old on Purpose” will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival next week, and rest assured, we will be enjoying it!

Thank you Mofilm & Pepsi Films!


April 12, 2011

Holy Hell! The work submitted to the Pepsi Films Tribeca Short Film Competition is quite amazing. Which makes me extra proud that “Old On Purpose” has been selected as one of their Top 10 films!

Watch it! No … really. Watch it! —> CLICK ME!

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