May 1, 2018



“Come On In” has been selected to be a part of BLUESTOCKING!!!

See ya in August …



February 20, 2018

When you get to work with the BEST-of-the-REST type of talent … it takes your dopey director-breath away.


“Come On In” Starring Jen Ponton

So grateful for our “Come On In” shoot where my best friends, the best talent and the best time all collided to create an amazing shoot day.


“Come On In” feauring  Kathy Patterson

Thank you guys!


Q n A

December 14, 2017

I was asked to write this for my pals over at Apollo Films.

Hope it helps A some Q’s.
blog still




December 4, 2017

I’m so very lucky that the journey of making “Just Ad Man” leads me to places like The 3% Conference.

3_twitter-logo 2


F R E E T H E B I D ! ! !

November 14, 2017

Whaaaaat!!!  I’m on FREE THE BID !


It’s not often I get to share virtual space with the likes of Wonder Woman herself, director Patty Jenkins, but the even cooler part is being able to say I am on a site that is literally changing the face of advertising.

Happy Birthday FREE THE BID and thank you for letting me join your party!


November 1, 2017

Very.  Funny.  Short.  Film.  Boom!  I couldn’t be prouder.register title

ughhhh !!!!

October 12, 2017

As I try to raise money  for my documentary “Just Ad Man” …

Well, all I can say is  . . .  FUNDRAISING IS HARD!!!


(PS – Charlie Brown is CLICKABLE in case you want to make a TAX  DEDUCTIBLE donation to our film)


October 9, 2017

My first (and last) 72 hour film fest project is having a life after 72 hours. That’s very exciting especially since this bad little movie baby has fought us every step of the way. This short film may be too silly, a little less than professional and sound just a bit “off”, but dammit it’s ours … and we love it so!



August 23, 2017

Yup, we got the super-duper-top-secret-submission link to TFI’s Through Her Lens!


THE REGISTER, my first official screenplay, is psyched to start it’s life at TFI.  We can’t wait to see what happens next.


May 29, 2017


When 102 amazing women & men, with a common goal, are assembled in one small beach town anything can happen … and it did! Collaborating with the most intelligent, passionate, talented and driven people this country has to offer was one of the most unique experiences of my life. Our goal was to come out of the weekend with “actionable strategies” to address the diversity problem in entertainment. We took a rather large step and I’m looking forward to taking the next one …

womens media summit

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